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The art , science and commerce of preschools

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Preschool education is not just about art,music,dance,fun and fantasy.A good preschool program ensures setting comprehensive learning objectives and having a structured way to achieve these goals in the child considering that every children is special.The 4 major components that are instrumental in shaping the learning of the child in school are :
• The philosophy
• The curriculum and methodology
• The learning tools offered to the child
• The teachers who facilitate learning

We are tightly integrating these 4 components in a way that will have the most beneficial impact on the development of the child. The core philosophy inspired by the Montessori method drives the curriculum, the curriculum is the foundation for the tools / materials used in the preschool.

Our Vision

We will ensure to strike a balance between technology and

natural learning to train every child for next level of education

The philosophy

Children with a purpose knowing what they want to do next and able to do is the happiest moment for them. Out of this joy comes self-confidence & willingness to work. If such a child is equipped with the right tools, there is no stopping their way to excellence.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is a comprehensive child-centric curriculum that comes with set objectives in all major areas of development. It is related to the child's developmental readiness, interests, questions, style of learning and the cultural context in which the child finds himself/ herself.

The Environment

For a child below 6, curriculum comprises the environment which in turn means the tools that we offer the child to learn. It is essential that a young child gets daily experience with learning aids which have specific usage, derived from the curriculum.


Quality Early Education is a necessity not a luxury

child centric curriculum

1:10 Teacher ratio

Very passionate and caring team members

CCTV Surveillance in every room

Hygenic and safe environment

2000 sft children friendly terrace garden for kids

1000 sft Indoor Play Area